London hosts int’l conference on Somalia,

(OgadenPost News ) — An  international conference on Somalia kicked off in London to improve security and  prevent the return of open conflict across Somalia, and for enabling a broader political and economic development, according to organizers,

“The Conference will also deliver increased commitment from the international community on political reform and governance, to help build a more inclusive, federal and democratic state – setting a clear path towards one-person, one-vote elections in 2020,” according to a statement by the organizers.

Organizers said the Conference is also an opportunity to step up the international response to the ongoing drought and humanitarian need.

Heads of State and Government from across East Africa and other key partners, along with senior figures from international organisations attend the conference.

Newly elected Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, his deputy PM, guests from Somali diaspora are also in attendance,



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